Two more Bounty Dogs today (and possible some more later…)!

Ashar and Zoyra introduce some alien races to the Sedition Wars universe. Zoyra is an outcast noble, seeking validation amongst humans rather than living in exile on her home world. A former member of Zorya’s personal guard, Ashar is of the Muribdan warrior caste. He is bonded to a scythed symbiotic, this creature provides Ashar with a neurotoxic saber made of monoblade bone. It also acts as biological power armor, folding Ashar in chiton.

Ashar is large – 36mm in that pose (shown on 50mm base) and pretty imposing. Zoyra is 30mm in her pose (on 25mm base).


Sin-título-1 Sin-título-3 Sin-título-4 Sin-título-6