I have just added a limited amount is castings of Grist to the Studio Store.

This is the latest of the Salute previews – but it actually from the previous Salute!

Infected in the first Strain offensive aboard the Arms of Sorrow, Commodore Grist had no time for a field medic or Auto-doc pod. Trapped in the industrial section of the Bastion, fighting off several exo-forms on his own, and unable to reach the rest of the ships crew, he found himslef alone, infected, and about to die or become one of the strain.
A skilled tech officer, Grist was tough enough and strong willed enough to interface with a minifacturing console. Using an industrial scanner to diganose his infection, he amputated infected regions of his body  and once the infected parts had been cut loose, he used the minifacturer to construct himself into a suit of Gnosis class offense armor.
Grist is stable, but roughly 60% of his body is gone. The Gnosis suit is using advanced medical systems to keep him alive. Unwilling to take the time to go into stasis and unable to upload to a reserve body, he is now melded into the suit, using it as his body. His metacortical implant interfaced with the suits own systems.

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