This is my favourite of all the new miniatures shown so far – Uriah Severn, one of the mysterious Preachers, who are follow with religious zeal by the faithful of the Firebrand rebellion.

Only one clue so far exists as to the Preachers’ origins. In the Magellan Expanse, a Vanguard patrol picked up an obsolete data-relay broadcast from the surface of a desolate planet. Upon closer inspection, the flight recorder of a wrecked, antiquated ship was discovered. The ship was identified as a long-lost prototype exploration shuttle belonging to Uriah Severn, a test pilot dispatched from the Edge to explore the uncharted regions between galaxies. Of Severn himself, or his crew, there was no sign; but since that discovery, his name has been spoken by Firebrand captives as the most divine prophet in the Edge. Where he went during his three decades in hyperspace is unknown. And what he brought back—if indeed, the Preacher called Severn is still the same man—is a source of great concern to SolCon…